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Lots of different seeds, pellets, shells and grits to feed your hens, ducks and game birds
Lots of different seeds, pellets and nuts to feed the wild birds in your garden
Lots of different flower seeds and bulbs for your garden from annuals to perennials to biennuals

Welcome to Fork Handles Farm Shop

Nestled in the beautiful Tanat Valley, Mid Wales, we are little smallholders with big quacking dreams of a farm shop and a steadily growing menagerie of chickens, ducks and goats (cats, a dog and a couple of kids too). Since moving here just before the first Covid19 lockdown, we have learned a lot about growing things and feeding things, all on a small-scale, so we thought we would try to help others who perhaps don't have farms as big as Jeremy Clarkson's. If you're more modest like us when it comes to animal/bird feeding and plant growing, then this is the place for you. We also have some unique gift ideas too. So, like the sticky bobs which cling to our goat Finn's Angora fur, please stay with us for the journey. Find us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates, there's plenty more to come!

Read our story about how we came to run a smallholding in the middle of nowhere
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