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Hen and Duck Eggs Pack of 6

Hen and Duck Eggs Pack of 6

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Here you can order half a dozen eggs (pack of 6) pooped with love by our hens and our ducks and arrange a mutually convenient collection time with us.

Our girls are free range and they are all individual characters. We have Smithy, the novogen hen, who likes to escape the pen and go explore further afield, she's a brave one. We have Cissie and Ada, the silver dorkings hens, who seem constantly broody. We're lucky if we get eggs from them and they're the purest white. We have Leanne, our Aylesbury cross duck (mixed breed, she's not angry), who is always the last in the duck house at night like an unruly teenager. Our other hens are called Ginny, Sansa, Margo, Barbara and Lily. Our other ducks are called Puddle, Crunchie, Malteser, Sklyar and Crispy (sorry about that last one, that was Gary's choice).

So here's the offer regarding our eggs. They are £1.25 for 6 however if you bring the egg box back to us with your name on it, we'll refill it for you and only charge you a £1.00. You'll receive a mix of hen and duck eggs until our girls start to regularly lay and then we'll separate them out. Both types of eggs are great for eating and baking with.


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