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Oyster Shell Grit

Oyster Shell Grit

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Product Information

Oyster shell is great and the most reliable medium for making sure your hens get enough calcium in their diet. It dissolves in the gut and helps hens who are laying eggs. Hens, when they're in active lay, use four times as much calcium as a non-laying hen. If a hen doesn't have enough in her diet, her body will steal calcium from her bones to create the egg shell. That leaves bones very brittle with the potential for easy breakages. Lack of calcium in the diet can also lead to soft-shelled eggs.

Oyster shell can be given from around 18 weeks old just before they're due to start laying. It is best to offer oyster shell in a separate container and hens will instinctively take as much as they need. Those who don't need it will not touch it.

Each 500g of product comes in a clearly labelled Kraft resealable zipper pouch with a clear PET window and a standup gusset base. The seal creates barrier protection against moisture, odours and UV light. Useful information about the product contained in the pouch is labelled on the back.


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