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Wheat Free Wild Bird Food

Wheat Free Wild Bird Food

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Product Information

This wheat free wild bird food is a high energy mix designed specifically to attract small garden birds. It contains black sunflowers, red and white dari, red and white millet, grouts, canary seeds, niger seed, cut maize and oil seed rape. This bird mix will help you attract finches, blue tits, robins and thrushes.

It is great value for money, it is wheat free to detract rats and pigeons from your garden, it is easier for small birds to eat, it is garden friendly and it reduces the chance of wheat growing in your lawn.

Each 500g of product comes in a clearly labelled Kraft resealable zipper pouch with a clear PET window and a standup gusset base. The seal creates barrier protection against moisture, odours and UV light. Useful information about the product contained in the pouch is labelled on the back.


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